Kayaking tour in Cape Town

Kayak Tour, Cape Town from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

Before arriving in Cape Town I had already seen on the internet that there were kayak tours around the city. I scheduled the tour with Kaskazi Kayaks & Adventures for Saturday since these days I would be staying at Sea Point. Luckily, it was a beautiful sunshine day, 32 ° Celsius, perfect for paddling on the cold sea. I went there walking along the coast of Sea Point and enjoying the summer day.

Upon arrival, our guide – Dirk Kaiser – showed the basic movements of kayaking and soon we set off for the adventure at sea. My rowing buddy was a South African woman, Kim. She was accompanied by her daughter and son-in-law who live in England. Everyone had experience with kayaking before.

We paddled out, enjoying the skyline of Cape Town. It was lovely to see from the sea Signal Hill, Table Mountain and V&A Waterfront. A beautiful landscape and a sunny day. In the middle of our route we spotted dolphins. There were several of them and they jumped, giving us a show of grace and harmony. I loved the experience of seeing dolphins from a small boat, so close. There’s something magical about seeing dolphins, I can not explain. The first time I saw dolphins from near it was in Noronha in 1998. I swam with them. Back to São Paulo, I could not resist, I got a dolphin tattoo. When they appear, we all stop, we get stunned by their beauty.

After the tour, I walked back to the hotel and stopped at a Greek restaurant to replenish the energies – grilled calamari with South African white wine. It matched perfectly with my summer day in Cape Town. The rest of the day was on the hotel terrace organizing the photos and videos of the trip, doing back ups and getting ready for the next phase of the trip: camping and safari.

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