Outrigger canoe – from Salvador to Itacaré

Karamuru Hoe Race from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

The Outrigger Canoe Club – Canoa Bahia – that I participate decided to make a pilot 3-day race, from Salvador to Itacaré. I am not a competitive person nor do I have the dedication of who participates in competitions, but since it was only for us from the club, a pilot version, I decided to face the challenge. I did a special training in the gym to have more resistance and to be able to withstand the 3 days of strong rowing.

The experience was incredible. I was afraid of the water change because I had been injured (with huge bruises) in the training. Anyway, everything went well, I didn’t get sore. The scenery was beautiful. Crossing the Bay of All Saints, arriving in Morro de São Paulo, leaving early from Morro to Barra Grande, the open sea, the waves, the blue … Beautiful.

On the last day, we left ​​Barra Grande with rough sea, I was on the support boat and when I started to feel seasick, I realized that I had forgotten to take the medicine for seasickness… Unfortunately I feel sick on boats, but I love being at sea. When I jumped towards the canoe it was a relief, to fall into the water, to have the breeze paddling, in the canoe I did not vomit. When I came back to the boat, I always threw up … I got drowsy but I had to keep going because 3 people had already given up on our women’s team. It was the hardest day for me, I did not eat anything due to the vomiting, nor did I want to drink much water afraid of throwing up. And all of it for one simple mistake, forgetting to take the medicine for seasickness.

The trip was another test of endurance – physical and emotional. Reaching the goal with your own body – even with your imperfections – and achieve a goal is an inexplicable accomplishment. I think everyone should go through this kind of experience someday in life. It’s a way of seeing that sometimes we can do more than we think we can. And doing this kind of learning at sea, that’s wonderful. I love the sea, the salt water, the heat, the sun, it’s magic.

Start in Salvador – BA on 12/28/2017
Arrival on 12/30/2017 in the city of Itacaré – BA.
1st day : Salvador x Morro de São Paulo – 67km
2nd day : Morro de São Paulo x Barra Grande – 63km
3rd day: Barra Grande x Itacaré 50km
Total: 180km


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