Caiman Refúgio Ecológico

I did a day tour at Refúgio Ecológico Caiman. We were a small group (a Brazilian girl, her Turkish husband and me), it was great. We started the tour in small canoes. It worked perfectly because we could get close to bird and alligators without disturbing them with a boat engine.

We walked a little in the woods. It must have been lunch time for the mosquitoes because they seamed to be pretty hungry. The place where we left the canoes was crowded with alligator. They didn’t bother about our presence, they should be used to tourists.

After lunch we accompanied the biologists of the Blue Macaw Project. We went to see the nestles on the trees. It was interesting to see their work. They have a chart report and notes to all nestles. Each bird has a private name. The biologists climb up the tree and get the baby macaw to analyze. They wait it and make an estimative of when it is going to fly. They take notes of the characteristics such as feathers, color, size, if it was attacked by a predator or not. Their work seams to be very gratifying, we could see they were proud of what they were doing. Something that is had to find nowadays…


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