Chacaltaya and Valle de la Luna

We left early to visit the famous peak, Chacaltaya. It is the highest ski resort in the world (more than 5000m above sea level). In the way there, we could see diverse snow peaks and volcanoes. Each one of them has a legend to the indigenous people. At the ski resort, it was very cold and there were strong winds. One of the friends of tour stayed in the car, she not even tried to go up the top.

We start to go up, slowly, at 5270m. When I was half way, I did not feel very well, I was cold, had headache and my legs were trembling. I was afraid of sliding down, I stopped a little to photograph and I decided to go down.

I had a coca leaf tea in the resort cafe and stayed enjoying the landscape. There was nobody skiing because the weather was not appropriate. After some minutes, the rest of the group started to show up. Many had given up to go to the top. From we went back to the city and we head to the Valle de la Luna, a place few kilometers south of La Paz, that looks like the moon. The erosion formed an interesting landscape. I asked to the guide if he knew how old was the rock formation. He said it was old because it was there since he was a child. It wanted to laugh from his answer but I contained myself.

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