I decided to go to Linz because of the Ars Electronica Festival. It was six days attending to lectures, performances, artists and seeing electronic art exhibitions. Yet on my first day, I visited the O.K. Centrum für Gegenwartskunst where it was the exhibition of the Golden Nica prize and honorary mentions. This years winners showed a commercial side of the electronic art. Maybe compared to years before when it was selected more critical works on activism and artificial life, this edition showed that electronic art it is already being incorporated to the big artistic market.

There were five days of symposium with lectures on mornings and afternoons. This year the theme was “Code: the language of our time”. There were lectures and presentations on code as language and art. Important names on art and technology such as Roy Ascott, Casey Reas, Roman Verostko, Florian Cramer, Howard Rheingold, Andreas Broeckmann and Christa Sommerer, participated on the conference. After each lecture, participants still wanted to discuss, it was, then, created extra sessions to continue the debate.

I also visited the Ars Electronica Center to see many interactive works that I only knew from books and videos, what is not enough to show the complexity of the works. By the end of the week I was tired of so much electronic art. In addition to the lectures, exhibitions, performances, every time we went out to eat, have a drink or dance, we discussed on the subject. It is as if, in this week, my life was resumed to electronic art. I felt I was having an overdose of everything it was digital, I wanted nature, something simple and palpable.

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