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Beer in Japan

kb_jp14_0719I’m not an expert in beer, I’m a wine person, but when I travel I drink beer. It’s practical and refreshing.  In Japan I’ve drunk Kirin, Sapporo, Yebisu, Asahi… I couldn’t say which is my preferred one. Asahi and Yebisu are considered to be better and Kirin looks like to be the most popular since it is everywhere. What caught my attention in terms of beer in Japan is that they like it very cold, like us Brazilians. After some moths living in Berlin, where beer is not always very cold, it was good to get a “freezing cold” beer in Japan.

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Beer in Guatemala and Belize

In this post on curiosities I will create a list of beers I have been drinking around the world. I’m not expert on beer, quite the opposite, I’m wine drinker, but traveling I prefer beer. It is easy, everywhere they have their preferred one, it. Always when I get to a new country/place, I like to taste the local beer. Usually, people always have one they recommend.

The idea of this list came when I went to live in Spain and there was a beer called San Miguel. I remembered I had drinking a beer with that name and it was not in South America. After some days with that on my mind, I actually remembered, it was in the Philippines, in 1997. So, I got the ideas to keep the names of the local beers as a souvenir, and the best way to keep that was taking a photo of it in a local bar environment, a way to remember the good bar moments…

In Guatemala(2013) I drank Gallo and Brahva (the ex-Brazilian Brahma).

Gallo, in a restaurant in Antigua
Brahva Extra, in bar in Antigua
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Since we had seen some photos from Ayutthaya in a magazine, we decided to spend a day there. Declared as Unesco’s World Heritage, the city has many temples spread by the river margins. It was also the capital of Siam for about 4 centuries. Nowadays it has a peaceful atmosphere, far from the rush and stress of Bangkok. We felt that on restaurants and hotels. Here life goes slower and more contemplative.

We visited some ruins. Not all of them because it would be so tiresome and we assimilate what we were seeing. It was interesting to learn a bit about the Buddhist rituals. We spent some time in a temple observing it. There were the symbolic objects: the candle, representing the wisdom, the flowers, the compassion, the incense, and the purification. There was also a pot full of sticks that they shake it until one of the sticks pop out. On it there was a number that correspond to a message...

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