Nearby islands – Francisquí and Madrisquí

transparent seawater

white sand and blue sky


Francisquí and Madrisquí are the islands near Gran Roque, many hotels offer transport as part of the accommodation fee. Madrisquí I visited in one of the stops of a dive. We spent some time in the island enjoying the place and chatting. The sea is gorgeous, as anywhere here. There are many tourists that spend the day on the island. They bring their cooler with food, chair and umbrellas to sleep under the shade. The peace and silence are incredible, difficult to imagine when comparing to the beaches in Salvador, that are noisy and looks like people have a competition to see who has the loudest music.

Francisqui was my chosen place to “do nothing”. I spent two days laying down the sand, going for a few walks, reading and enjoying the sandbanks to be “soaking” in the water at midday.

Path to the natural pool

Natural Pool

self-portrait with sardines

The island is near Gran Roque, only a few minutes by boat. It’s worth for the landscape, incredibly transparent seawater, a mangrove, and my preferred spot on the island, a natural pool for snorkel. A 15-minute walk to the other side of the island takes you to a rock formation creating a beautiful natural pool. There I stayed more than an hour snorkeling, seeing fishes, playing with a huge school of sardines, dive through them to see the school around me. Some moments I was alnoe, there was nobody on that part of the island, the sensation of solitude mixed with the contact with natures, in this case the sea, it was unexplained. it was worth the trip.

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