Noronsquí, Crasquí and Rabusquí

My first tour to the islands in Los Roques was to Crasquí. I had been in the island before on a stop from a dive. What impressed me a lot on the site was a “sea of conch sells”. Yes, in a part of the beach I could not see the sand, large conch shells, beautiful and impressive at the same time, covered the ground. It was worth it the trip only to see this surreal place.

On the way to Craqui, we stopped in Noronsqui to enjoy the beach, I stay some time observing the small lizards, they were ugly and had some strange feet. In Crasquí it was snorkel, lie on the sand, sleep and read…

The best part of the trip, in my humble opinion, was the stop in Rabusqui on the way back to Gran Roque. It was a sea of sea stars; I had never seen something like that. White sand, transparent water and dozens of sea stars spread all over the ground, it was like seeing a sky drawn underwater. Even though it was late afternoon and sunlight not so strong, it was impacting. I imagined that place at the midday sunlight, the sea shining with all those stars.

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