Cycling B-KO: From Rødvig to Stege

15301627680_0f9e2f3373_bDay 2 route: Rødvig – Lund – Lille Torøje – Strandskov – Fakse Ladeplads – Delhoved – Srandhuse – Praestø – Skibinge – Rekkende – Kragevig – Sandvig – Kalvehave – Koster – Stege – Keldby – Elmelunde/Møn

  • Before departing Rødvig I cycled in the port. I love ports, boasts, fishing nets…
  • Again, I got head wind the whole journey. Even when going down small hills I had to cycle.
  • There was so many apple trees on the way that I had to grab one. I decided to eat when I arrived at the hotel, as a precaution in case this wild apple would give me some stomachache.
  • My lunch stop was at Praestø port. It was great to be on a warm place to recharge the energies and continue cycling.
  • The Queen Alexandrine Bridge to Møn was huge and the wind very strong. I got afraid of the wind blowing me towards the cars and trucks, so I got out of the bicycle and carried it walking on the bridge.
  • At my arrival in Stege I stopped in the supermarket to buy my dinner since there was no supermarket or restaurant in the village I was going to sleep.
  • Around 7pm I arrived at Elmelunde. I was tired of the wind plus the bridge crossing.

Day total: 82.51km – 6h:16m:20s (gpx)

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