Cycling B-KO: From Marielyst to Güstrow

kb_de14_04606Day route: Marielyst – Marrebaek – Skelby – Gedser – Rostock – Groß Stove – Schwaan – Rukieten – Mistorf – Goldewin – Lüssow – Güstrow

  • I left Marielyst early because I had no idea how long I could take to the to the ferry in Gedser in case there was strong wind. I cycled so fast that I ended up geting there too early for the 11am ferry. I had to wait for more than an hour.
  • The ferry takes approximately 2 hours to do the 50km from Gedser to Rostock. There was not many cyclists, the majority does the opposite direction (from Berlin to Copenhagen). I just met a French speaking family, a couple and two children cycling towards the beaches in Rostock.
  • The way out of the ferry to the cycling lane to the city was a bit confusing. There was so many trucks and motorcycles getting out that I got a little lost among them.
  •  The meeting with Katharina near the train station was easy. From there on it was great, a had a friend traveling with me and there was no more head wind.

Day total: 124.32 km (50km no ferry) – 5h:51m:38s (gpx)

aspas_abremAfter we met at 2.41 at Rostock Mainstation leaving the city was a bit tricky due to misleading signs but Karla is a very good navigator and we were on our way through nice landscapes with harvested fields, old trees, and only a few cars. The sky was cloudy from time to time but we were lucky to not encounter any rain or wind and while the sun was shining I even got a little sunburn in my face, so I already looked like being on holiday at the end of the first day.

After three hours and twenty minutes and 42 km for me (there are people in the world who run this distance in half the time ;-)) we arrived in the old town of Güstrow with its wonderful castle and main square. We treated ourselves to a nice dinner with red wine and some chocolate – my body is sore, but life is good ;-).aspas_fecham

Katharina Funke

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