Cycling B-KO: From Linum to Berlin

kb_de14_04879Route day 7: Linum – Tietzow – Börnicke – Schönwalde-Glien – Hakenfelde – Havel – Berlin Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal – Berlin

  • This was the last day of the trip. We woke up with the feeling of “goal achieved”, after all, we were near Berlin.
  • The route was crowded, there was more cars and bicycles on the roads. Near Berlin we got by mistake a part of the mauerradweg and later we had to back to the previous route.
  • At our arrival in Berlin, for me the landmark was crossing the Wasserstadtbrücke. By that I felt I had finshed the journey from Copenhagen to Berlin. We stopped to take a photo on the bridge. The phrase “wir haben es geschafft” (yes we made it) was in our minds.
  • We had a lunch stop at Restaurant Fährhaus. Enjoying the arrival on a sunny day looking at boats, river and being home…

Day total: 60.05 km – 4h:12m:46s (gpx)

aspas_abremWeather was still cold in the morning and we stayed inside till the temperatures went a little higher. We were fast the first half of our journey but we had the wind against us between Paaren im Glien and Hakenfelde the landscape was a bit boring with flat surfaces and agricultural fields as far as we could see. We arrived in the outskirts of Berlin around noon and passed some interesting bridges and the river several times. Since it was our last day, dreading that our little trip would be over soon we took a long break right before getting into the city of Berlin with its traffic. We decided to take the route along side Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate to get back to where we started a few days ago. We said goodbye and I went home. Sitting on the bike all day made me forget but climbing up the stairs to the fourth floor was nearly to much. Looking forward to go on a cycle tour again soon.aspas_fecham

Katharina Funke

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