Cycling B-KO: From Wredenhagen to Linum

kb_de14_04830Route day 6: Wredenhagen – Wittstock – Dossow – Fretzdorf – Katerbow – Kränzlin – Neuruppin – Buskow – Linum

  • Our first stop was in Wittstock, we wanted to see the wall around the city. We cycled a bit around the wall and continued our way.
  • In Neuruppin we stopped for lunch at the lake shore and got some sun to heat up the skin a bit.
  • Later we decided to innovate and do a new track, create a new route. We went through a almost deserted forest and the tracks were very confusing. We had to stop a few times to look at the gps location. In one of these stops we met a man came to talk to us and told us the right direction. He was going to another way. Few minutes later we saw that he was following us. We got a bit tense because he said he was going the opposite direction. When he reached us he said he want to accompanied us so we don’t get lost. He seems to be a lonely man, just wanted to chat a bit. I was luck that I was with Katharina. If I were alone I would be comfortable with his company on the empty forest.
  • Our cycling day ended in Linum, the small town of the storks. And yes, there was many storks net around here. The reward of the arrival was a beer on the only restaurant open in town.

Day total: 86.86 km – 5h:58m:50s (gpx)

aspas_abremWhen we woke up early it felt really cold and temperature was at four degrees. So we decided to take our time with breakfast and enjoyed the whole can of fresh mint tea from the garden. We finally left at half past nine and the temperature woke up as well and rose to 12 degrees. The first 15 km to Wittstock through forests were flying by and we enjoyed the wind in our faces. Wittstock is an old and former famous Hansetown with a completely restored historic city center. The center is surrounded by an historic wall and looks interesting, but after taking the obligatory picture, we followed our path to Neuruppin lake for 61km. The summer finally decided to come back and we enjoyed our salads on a park bench next to the lake, watching some people enjoying themselves and the weather. We wanted to go on till the storck- village Linum and just arrived on time to have dinner before the restaurants were closing.aspas_fecham

Katharina Funke

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