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Cycling from Copenhagen to Berlin

Foto_mapa_K-BeWhen I moved to Berlin I found out about the cycling route from Berlin to Copenhagen and planned to do this summer. After the experience traveling alone on the Elberadweg, I was prepared to Copenhagen. I decided to do the inverse way, starting in Copenhagen and come back home little by little. The plan was to do alone the Danish part of the trip and, in Rostock, meet Katharina Funke to travel together the German part.

It was a 7-day trip. If you want follow our steps, bellow you have the gpx file of each day to download. On this trip I decided not to do travelog, only some points “highlights” of each day. On the German part, Katharina wrote the travelogues.

See the posts of each stage:

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Cycling B-KO: From Copenhagen to Rødvig

15485791482_7f84cf60e9_oDay 1 route: Copenhague – Greve Strand – Solrød Strand – Køge – Strøby – Magleby – Hollug – Sigerslev – Stevns Klint – Højerup Rødvig

  • I left the hotel at 8.30am. The cycling lanes were completely crowded and everybody was cycling very fast that I couldn’t stop to read the name of the streets. I got lost a bit,  went out on the wrong bridge and had go back.
  • It took more than one hour to get out of Copenhagen. In town there was not signs of the bicycle routes like in Berlin. I took the wrong way twice and had to stop a few time to look on the gps.
  • Scooter and motorcycles were using the cycling lane. I thought it was strange but maybe it was legal. I saw them on Copenhagen and later again in Køge. I believe slow motorcycle were allowed on the bike lane based on a sign I saw on the road.
  • The wind around the island Amager was very strong, hard to cycle. This way was not on the official track from B-KO, I chose for it once I got lost...
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From Berlin to Copenhagen by train

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