Dos Mosquices and Cayo de Agua

Dos Mosquices and Cayo de Agua are considered the far away islands; they are about one hour by boat from Gran Roque. As the landscape is beautiful, I did not notice the time pass by. The first stop was Dos Mosquices where we visited “their Tamar”, a center for research and turtle preservation. The biologists told us about the turtles in the tanks, the species we can find in the archipelago and about the preservation work they develop.

After, our stop was Cayo de Agua, considered by many the most beautiful of the archipelago (see Carlos Quintana interview). The place is actually beautiful, the paradise. There is two islands linked by thin tripe of white sand and the sea is a bluish green gradient. The day was diving, walking on the sand until the lighthouse and sleeping under the shade. Everything one deserves on vacation. The place radiated tranquility, peace, and silence. It is impossible not to go back reinvigorated after a day around there.

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