Pedalada B-KO: De Güstrow a Wredenhagen

DCIM101GOPROTrajeto do dia 5:  Güstrow – Inselsee – Marienholf – Krakow am See – Malcow – Kepkow – Wredenhagen

  • Nesta parte do trajeto não tinha mais vento contra, estava um pouco frio mas sem ventos fortes.
  • Passamos por diversos lagos e cidadezinhas em suas orlas.
  • Em Malchow, comi o melhor sanduíche de peixe da minha vida. Nada como peixe fresco da região nas versões defumado e marinado.
  • Depois de dias pedalando sempre perto de plantações de milho, tanto pelo Elba quanto agora na parte alemã da B-KO (Berlim-Copenhague), e com vontade de comer milho cozido. Meu desejo foi saciado no jantar em Wredenhagen. Katharina preparou uma excelente manteiga com ervas para acompanhar.

Total do dia: 79.87 km – 6h:17m:31s (gpx)

aspas_abremWaking up to eight degrees Celsius in Güstrow (who forgot to tell Petri that August is supposed to be summer in Germany?) we left the bed and breakfast at 8.50 am. The sun and a few clouds were greeting us on our way along side the beautiful lakes and through the old coniferous forests next to Mühl and Kirch Rosin. We decided to take a break at one of the many beautiful lakes in Krakow and caught some older mans attention. He was so kind to ask if we need help with our directions and we were able to take a shortcut out of the city. The track took us through mixed forests and some sandy pathways next to the railway to Malchow passing by typical northern German villages. After 52 km and 4.16 hours on our bikes we decided to search for a nice restaurant with outside seating at the Malchower lake but were drawn into a nice little fish shop with local specialties. We took our “Fischbrötchen” ( some kind of cold fish burger) to a bench next to the lake and enjoyed the sunlight. After that we decided to enjoy one of the German cheese cakes and a hot drink as dessert including a view over the folding bridge of Malchow lake.

Leaving the old town of Malchow passing the Orgen Museum on bad cobble stone roads but it was a shortcut to the B192 and it was a fast track with some hills to go up and down and perfectly smooth surfaces till the town of Dambeck.  We were surprised by sudden rain but could easily fit below a tree in order not to get wet. To make sure we had a bed to sleep in we called a BnB in advance to reserve a place. They told us that there is no supermarket and that the Restaurant will be closed on Mondays. So we prepared by buying another “Fischbrötchen” and some wine at a local gas station and a bakery on the way.

The last part of our days journey was very rural with some milk farms, the new kind of windmills and corn fields as far as we could see. Knowing that there would not be a hot meal waiting for us I asked Karla if she likes to eat corn? Starled she looked at me and then smiled… We went on to the little village Wredenhagen with some funny looking animals like a stork in his nest and a big bull made from hay. We finally arrived after 89 km on our bikes at a small BnB which was accompanied by three construction workers. We went down to the kitchen to have our little feast and they joined us at the table. They had pizza, bread, cheese, sausages and some corned beef and were looking at us with pity for our food variety. They offered us some of their food, but we were really happy with our fresh corn and fish sandwich.aspas_fecham

Katharina Funke

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