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Diving & Snorkeling post list

Fotor031704612Below I have a list of dive sites and snorkeling in Errante.

In Honduras, April 2013

In Belize, April 2013

In Los Roques, Venezuela 2012

At Great Barrier Reef, Australia 2012

In San Andres, Colombia, 2011 (soon)

In Isla Ca...

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Travel through Venezuela 2012


See the posts on Venezuela 2012:

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Los Roques scuba dive info

Here it is some info on my scuba diving in Los Roques. I used Dive Board, an online dive logbook. Links on my dives in Los Roques.

dive_dia1 1º dive: La Buceadora: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D6jYboN
Date: 2012-07-24 – 09:37 Max Depth: 19.9m Duration:45mins

2º dive: Aquario Morrito: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D6nDGUq
Date: 2012-07-24 – 12:29 Max Depth: 18.7m Duration:49mins

dive_dia23º dive: Piedra Ahogada: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D6cFIRR
Date: 2012-07-25 – 09:20 Max Depth: 19.9m Duration:41mins

4º dive: Madrisquí: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D6ftx7u
Date: 2012-07-25 – 11:20 Max Depth: 15.7m Duration:45mins

5º dive: Maceta De Cote: dive_dia3http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D6Uvz4V
Date: 2012-07-25 – 11:20 Max Depth: 22.7m Duration:45mins

6º dive: Boca De Cote: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D6Yadky
Date: 2012-07-25 – 11:20 Max Depth: 22.7m Duration:45mins

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Diving in Los Roques

A bit of the dives in Los Roques.

Mergulho/Dive 2a – Los Roques, Venezuela from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

Mergulho/Dive 3b – Los Roques, Venezuela from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

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Dos Mosquices and Cayo de Agua

Dos Mosquices and Cayo de Agua are considered the far away islands; they are about one hour by boat from Gran Roque. As the landscape is beautiful, I did not notice the time pass by. The first stop was Dos Mosquices where we visited “their Tamar”, a center for research and turtle preservation. The biologists told us about the turtles in the tanks, the species we can find in the archipelago and about the preservation work they develop.

After, our stop was Cayo de Agua, considered by many the most beautiful of the archipelago (see Carlos Quintana interview). The place is actually beautiful, the paradise. There is two islands linked by thin tripe of white sand and the sea is a bluish green gradient. The day was diving, walking on the sand until the lighthouse and sleeping under the shade. Everything one deserves on vacation. The place radiated tranquility, peace, and silence. It is impossible not to go back reinvigorated after a day around there.

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Night Snorkeling

Oscar, from the beach equipment rental, invited me to a night snorkel. I accepted, I had done many night dives but never a night snorkel. A late afternoon, when coming back from an island tour, I met Oscar. We walked around the airport, passing through some airplanes, in order to get to our starting point. It was getting dark and the mosquitoes were hungry, lucky me that Oscar was prepared and had mosquito repellent.

By the time we went into the water, it got dark. It was a very interesting experience, I liked the feeling of being in the sea, in an open space, with anything around, no boat waiting for me, or a port next to me, or a beach with people. We surrounded the island on the airport site, therefore, there was no people on the beach.

Right in the beginning we saw a very big lobster, but is was fenced season, so we could not grab it for dinner. Oscar was excited but respected the rules. Our goal was to find an octopus for Oscar’s dinner...

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Interview with Otto Daniel Naranjo – Divemaster

A short interview I did with Otto Daniel Naranjo in Gran Roque, Los Roques. Otto is a divemaster at Ecobuzos and talks about the dives in Los Roques. He suggests dive-sites for beginners and advanced divers.




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Surrounded by seagulls at Gran Roque, Los Roques, Venezuela (July 2012).



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El Morrito – dive site in Los Roques

El Morrito is an incredible dive site in Los Roques. It is calm, very colorful, lots of little fishes, and what I like the most: a wreck. I recommend this dive site.
See the videos of the wreck.

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Noronsquí, Crasquí and Rabusquí

My first tour to the islands in Los Roques was to Crasquí. I had been in the island before on a stop from a dive. What impressed me a lot on the site was a “sea of conch sells”. Yes, in a part of the beach I could not see the sand, large conch shells, beautiful and impressive at the same time, covered the ground. It was worth it the trip only to see this surreal place.

On the way to Craqui, we stopped in Noronsqui to enjoy the beach, I stay some time observing the small lizards, they were ugly and had some strange feet. In Crasquí it was snorkel, lie on the sand, sleep and read…

The best part of the trip, in my humble opinion, was the stop in Rabusqui on the way back to Gran Roque. It was a sea of sea stars; I had never seen something like that. White sand, transparent water and dozens of sea stars spread all over the ground, it was like seeing a sky drawn underwater. Even though it was late afternoon and sunlight not so strong, it was impacting...

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